Polishing apparatus and polishing method

2023-07-20  |  百检 138浏览

Problem to be solved: to improve the accuracy of polishing endpoint detection in the method in which the top ring is held at the end of the swing arm.The polishing apparatus for polishing between the polishing pad 10 and the semiconductor wafer 16 disposed opposite to the polishing pad 10 has a polishing table 30A for holding the polishing pad 10 and a top ring 31a for holding the semiconductor wafer 16.The swing shaft motor 14 oscillates the swinging arm 110 for holding the top ring 31a.The arm torque detecting section 26 detects the arm torque applied to the swinging arm 110.The end point detecting section 28 detects the polishing endpoint indicating the end of Polishing Based on the detected arm torque.Diagram