Electro-hydraulic braking system

2023-07-20  |  百检 318浏览

In accordance with at least one embodiment, the present disclosure provides an electro-hydraulic braking system that includes one or more master brake assemblies, one or more electronic parking brakes (EPBs), a master control unit, and a redundancy control unit (RCU). The main brake assemblies are designed to generate a braking force in one or more front wheels and one or more rear wheels of a vehicle. The electronic parking brakes (EPBs) are designed to generate a braking force on one of the front wheels and the rear wheels. The main control unit is configured to control the operation of each of the main brake assemblies. The redundancy control unit (RCU) is designed to control the operation of the electronic parking brake. In this case, when it detects the occurrence of a malfunction in a braking function of the main control unit, the redundancy control unit carries out slip control of the vehicle using the electronic parking brakes based on signals from one or more wheel speed sensors.