2023-07-27  |  百检 186浏览

A closure (100) for a container (104) comprises a base (106) and a spout (110) disposed upon a mouth of said container (104) and defining a void space (134) between them; a cap (118) which comprises an inner body (124) concentrically disposed within an outer body (122), said cap configured to be disposed on said base (106) so as to seal therewith; and at least one tamper-evident device (136) extending between and locking together said cap (118) and said base (106), said tamper-evident device (136) comprising a flattened member extending from an edge of said inner body member (124) over at least one frangible link (140) and engaging said base (106) such that when the cap (118) is opened said at least one frangible link (140) ruptures, said tamper-evident device (136) consequently falling into and being partially obscured by said void space (134).