Apparatus for powering windscreen wipers

2023-07-25  |  百检 152浏览

An apparatus (11, fig.2) for powering windscreen wipers (21, 23), the apparatus comprising: a motor 31; a member 33 coupled to the motor such that actuation of the motor causes linear motion of the member; wherein the member comprises a first toothed portion 37 arranged to engage with a first toothed wheel 41 to couple a spindle 35 of a first windscreen wiper to the member and the member also comprises a second toothed portion 38 arranged to engage with a second toothed wheel 42 to couple a spindle 36 of a second windscreen wiper to the member. Gearing ratios may be modified to modify the angle swept by each wiper arm. The first and second toothed portions may be disposed within elongate openings 39,40, wherein each opening comprises a toothed portion facing a smooth edge 53,54. The toothed portions may be removable from the member. Toothed components may be manufactured of plastics materials. There may be a cover 51 over the member and a ribbed casing 25 around the motor.