Brake mechanism and stroller therewith

2023-07-21  |  百检 21浏览

A brake mechanism for preventing false braking on a wheel (1, see fig. 3) of a stroller, the wheel is installed on an installation base 2 connected to a frame (201) of the stroller. The brake mechanism includes a brake pedal (3) pivoted to the installation base, a stopping block 21 disposed on the installation base, and a restoring component 4 movably installed between the stopping block and the brake pedal along a moving direction back and forth. The restoring component is biased to a restoring position with a restoring force. The stopping block pushes the restoring component to resist against the restoring force when the brake pedal switches between a first position and a second position, the restoring component drives the brake pedal to the first position or the second position. The resilient force may be provided by a compression spring and may be accommodated in slot 31. The surface of the stopping block may comprise an inclined surface like a cam. Additionally, the brake pedal may comprise an accommodating slot for accommodating the stopping block and restoring component. In another embodiment like the first, a second pivotal axis D2 is provided which is misaligned from the first D1.