Sectional artwork

2023-07-21  |  百检 264浏览

A method of producing a sectional artwork comprises forming an overskin of a helmet; producing a mould of the overskin; cutting the mould, or a cast made from the mould, into sections to produce a partial cross-section representation of the helmet; and decorating the partial cross-section representation to match a desired finish. The overskin may be formed by covering the helmet in a layer of non-adhesive; covering the helmet with a resin into which reinforcement layers are laid; allowing the coverings to dry; and removing the dried coverings from the helmet. The mould may be either or both of a plaster cast mould and/or a hard resin mould. The partial cross-sectional representation is a left-facing/right-facing or front-facing cross-sectional representation of the helmet. The sectional helmet may be mounted to a frame and/or a picture.