Laser processing device and control device

2023-07-20  |  百检 317浏览

A laser processing device (100) is described, comprising: an output device (102) which is operable to output laser radiation (103); a slide (104) for receiving an object (106), the object (106) having a substrate (108) with a surface (110) and a coating on the surface (110); wherein the laser radiation (103) impinges on the object (106) at an impact position (114); wherein an angle of incidence (116) at the position of incidence (114) is defined as the angle between the laser radiation (103) and a perpendicular to the surface (110) and through the position of incidence (114); wherein the angle of incidence (116) is greater than a first angle (122); and wherein the first angle (122) is defined in that for the laser radiation (103) when incident on an interface of the substrate (108) at the first angle (122), the reflectance at the interface is at least 10%.